This form is for Tradeline Buyers Only

Please fill out all information for your Tradelines
Will be in contact with you for your payment method
And which Line you want to buy! Any Question put them on
the form. No refunds once the line hit your account.
If there is some error it will be remedied by the Seller.
The Statement Date is on the Tradeline List give 14 days after
to hit the bureaus. Not saying it take that long but you need
to know that information. Any problems message me see the
blue icon at the right bottom of this website. You are messaging
me on my Credit Boost Repair FB Page. Thanks
When you pay for your tradeline do not put notes in on any payment
method what you are buying it can cause your app to be shutdown.
So don't do it. 

Fill Out Form Then Upload DL and Social Security Card Take off all Fraud Alerts Credit Freezes might interfere with posting. We take Bitcoin and We have and Escrow account fees on customers for use.